Romania indicts Lukoil's Petrotel refinery for money laundering

Понедельник, 3 августа 2015 17:51 MSK

BUCHAREST Aug 3 (Reuters) - Romanian prosecutors have indicted Russia's Petrotel Lukoil refinery in Romania and its director-general, who is a Russian citizen, in a 2 billion euro criminal probe, prosecutors said in a statement on Monday.

"Prosecutors from the Ploiesti court of appeals completed the inquiry and indicted Andrey Iurevici Bogdanov, a Russian citizen ... for money laundering and for the use in bad faith of the company's capital," it said.

Three other Petrotel officials were also indicted, as was the Netherlands-registered Lukoil Europe Holdings Bvatrium, the statement said. (Reporting by Radu Marinas; editing by Matthias Williams)